Use case: I want to:

  1. copy a (long, not handy to manually type) newstring,
  2. replace all occurrences of another (long, not handy to manually type) string by newstring.

Current process (not handy):

  1. Copy (mark + M-w) string in the (main) buffer.
  2. Start the query replace process, using copied string (M-% C-y <RET>).
  3. Select another window (C-x o) to switch from the minibuffer to the main one.
  4. In the (main) buffer, (optional: search (C-s) for newstring and) copy (mark + M-w) newstring.
  5. Select another window (C-x o) to switch from the main buffer to the minibuffer.
  6. Paste (C-y) newstring and continue the query replace process (<RET>).

Possible start of track: This answer provides the a nice way (C-s C-w) to search for the word after the current mark.

Question: I wonder if:

  1. the previous track could be extended to replace for the word after the current mark,
  2. or if there is another, better, track for my use case.

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Avoiding window switching:

  1. Copy string
  2. Copy newstring
  3. M-%C-yM-yRET
  4. C-yC-u-1M-yRET

Or if you can get used to copy newstring before string:

  1. Copy newstring
  2. Copy string
  3. M-%C-yRET
  4. C-yM-yRET

And another option is to write function which will call query-replace with most recent kill ring entries and bind it to some key. Then just:

  1. Copy string
  2. Copy newstring
  3. key for my/query-replace-function
  • Not as handy as I would expect (I hoped something like in the spirit of linked answer), but works indeed :) Oct 30, 2018 at 17:30
  • C-y M-y is quite handy. You have all of your past kills and copies available in a ring. You can just cycle M-y to get to the one you want. Or you can use Browse Kill Ring to choose any of them. Or you can use menu Edit > Select and Paste to choose one.
    – Drew
    Oct 31, 2018 at 0:07
  • Or you can use the secondary selection for either of the pastes (yanks). The secondary selection stays, even as you change the region or copy/kill other selections.
    – Drew
    Oct 31, 2018 at 0:08

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