I am trying Spacemacs with emacs keybindings, so the commands starting with SPC, like SPC f e d, can be invoked by replacing SPC with M-m.

Since M-m is bound to back-to-indentation in stock emacs, I would like to remap the prefix M-m to M-n, so that I can then safely bind M-m to back-to-indentation.

How can I achieve this?


There are settings for the leader key in your .spacemacs file. I have remapped mine to Page Up, (which is represented as <prior> by emacs). Here's what I have in my .spacemacs:

;; The leader key
dotspacemacs-leader-key "<prior>"
;; The key used for Emacs commands (M-x) (after pressing on the leader key).
;; (default "SPC")
dotspacemacs-emacs-command-key "<prior>"
;; The key used for Vim Ex commands (default ":")
dotspacemacs-ex-command-key ":"
;; The leader key accessible in `emacs state' and `insert state'
;; (default "M-m")
dotspacemacs-emacs-leader-key "<prior>"

You may not need to set all three here as I have, start with just the leader key accessible in emacs state ("M-m") and see if that works.

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