I have written a simple Python 3 script:

#!/usr/bin/env python3

print('Hello world!')

The script works from the shell:

$ ./hello-world 
Hello world!

Then, I have written some Lisp to run the script:

(defun hello-world-process-sentinel (process event)
  (message "Process: %s; Event: %s" process event))

(defvar hello-world-process (make-process :name "hello world"
                                        :buffer (get-buffer-create "*hello world*")
                                        :command "hello-world"
                                        :sentinel #'hello-world-process-sentinel))

(process-status hello-world-process) returns run, but the *hello world* buffer stays empty, and the sentinel doesn't get called.

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Use :command '("hello-world") instead. Here is the related docstring of make-process.

:command COMMAND -- COMMAND is a list starting with the program file name, followed by strings to give to the program as arguments.

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