I have downloaded the yasnippet package which works very nicely for my Latex files. However, I often use Org mode to write my Latex documents.

The latex snippets from yasnipet dont seem to be "active" in org-mode. i.e. typing begin and pressing tab does not expand into \begin{..} \end{..}

How can I make the Latex yasnippets active in Org mode?


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Don't know how to do it directly in the org file, but if you are writing LaTeX in export blocks then you can use org-edit-special. For instance, with the point in the following export block

#+begin_export latex
LaTeX snippets 

C-c ' runs the command org-edit-special and in this case a buffer is opened with the content LaTeX snippets and in this buffer you can use all commands and functions that you can use for your LaTeX files.


As answered here you can active snippets for other major-modes with yas-activate-extra-mode

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