I had a link to a headline in another org file that worked fine, but then I archived that subtree. I thought that updating the file to reflect the "_archive" part of the name would work, but C-c C-o does not work for such files. It does for .org files.

That is:

[[file:notes.org::*test%20heading%20here][this link works when the heading is there]]

[[file:notes.org_archive::*test%20heading%20here][this one doesn't, even if the heading is there]]

I'm on Windows and it looks like emacs is looking for another program to handle a org_archive file. How can I tell emacs/org-mode to treat .org_archive files like .org files?

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You should be able to associate .org_archive extension with org-mode by adding this to your init file:

(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.org_archive\\'" . org-mode))

Emacs doesn't match file extensions in a fuzzy manner, so having an extension that just starts with .org isn't enough. If .org_archive isn't the only extension you're interested in, you can change the regular expression to match more variations.

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