I know how to assign apps to various EXWM workspaces thanks to:


But I don't know whether it is possible to assign Emacs buffers to EXWM workspaces in a similar fashion. All the EXWM variables (e.g. exwm-class-name, exwm-instance-name) that I know how to use in setting the above use WM_CLASS and I don't think that Emacs buffers have one (or do they? and if so, how can I find what it is?)

I also know how to customize where and how buffers are displayed within windows using popwin or display-buffer-alist. But I don't know if those can be used to assign buffers to workspaces.

Full workspace configurations can be saved thanks, for instance, to Bookmark+. But this is not really applicable to what I am trying to do.


My goal is to have all buffers matching the regexp ^\*help\[R:.*$ (R help files in ESS) automatically assigned to workspace 3.

My elisp skills are still limited to write functions and I would appreciate any suggestion.

Thank you very much.

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