Certain key combos seem to have changed behaviour from emacs 24 to emacs 26 in python mode (python.el). Notably:

Emacs 24:

(no python shell open yet)

C-c C-c: Run python: ... ; Dedicated process?; Eval buffer

C-c C-z: Run python: ... ; Dedicated process?; switch to shell

Emacs 26:

(no python shell open)

C-c C-c: Open a shell first with C-c C-p...

C-c C-z: Open a shell first with C-c C-p...

If a shell is open in 26, all python files are directed to this shell. Haven't found out how to open a dedicated shell for separate files.

Is there any way to get the Emacs 24 behaviour back, at least partially?

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You can run a per-buffer python process using C-u C-c C-p (run-python), then, you should be able to use C-c C-c and C-c C-z on such process.

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