I want to use the noweb style references in Emacs org for literate programming.

Consider the following working code.

#include <iostream>

Blah blah

#+BEGIN_SRC c++ :tangle test.cpp :noweb yes
int main (void)
   std::cout << "Hello World" << std::endl;

I don't want to have to specify :noweb yes every time to expand noweb references since I will always be expanding them by default. How do I change my .emacs file to tell org mode this?


There's an example for doing just what you are asking in the Org Manual:


Here it is for convenience:

This example sets :noweb header arguments to yes, which makes Org expand :noweb references by default.

 (setq org-babel-default-header-args
      (cons '(:noweb . "yes")
            (assq-delete-all :noweb org-babel-default-header-args)))

Try setq org-babel-default-header-args.

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