I have a table with timestamps of some events and maximum allowed duration. I would like to have the deadline computed and displayed in agenda (ideally as deadline, but simple active timestamp is enough). I combine inactive and active timestamp, because I do not want to have the first date shown in agenda.

Current behaviour is:

| ! | Shipped          | Max | Deadline          |
| # | [2018-11-17 Sat] |  30 | [2018-12-17 Mon]  |
#+TBLFM: $4=$Shipped+$Max

What I would like to achieve is to have the resulting timestamp active:

| ! | Shipped          | Max | Deadline                   |
| # | [2018-11-19 Mon] |  60 | DEADLINE: <2019-01-18 Fri> | // perfect, if it showed as deadline in agenda
| # | [2018-11-17 Sat] |  30 | <2018-12-17 Mon>           | // good enough                      

Having it as separate entries/tasks with deadlines is not sufficient, because the table actually contains more data, like received date, average time in transit etc.

I tried using (org-time-stamp) from Change date from active to inactive to compute the result, but without success.

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