on evaluating M-x hide-lines-not-matching searchPattern the file hides lines that don't match the searchPattern, but also org links folding disables, turning text from

pretty link


[[https://linked.page][pretty link]]

expected behaviour:
hide-lines-not-matching should hide lines not matching searchPattern, without affecting link folding.

What is the reason for this behaviour, and how can it be changed?

  • I've tried to toggle the link folding with org-toggle-link-display and this seems to work, but not on all links. – mangelmentmanager Nov 24 '18 at 11:47

I can't reproduce this behaviour at all anymore, so I'm assuming it's a bug either in org-mode or hide-lines. This wasn't fixed in any recent update on hide-lines, so I'm unsure what could have changed.

I will submit a bug report if I encounter it again.

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