What I want to achieve is this. I open a bunch of files, edit them and quit Emacs. then tomorrow I open one the files and I want Emacs to jump to the last edited position on that file. How can I achieve this ?


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The built-in library saveplace.el contains a commentary that states:

;; Automatically save place in files, so that visiting them later
;; (even during a different Emacs session) automatically moves point
;; to the saved position, when the file is first found.  Uses the
;; value of buffer-local variable save-place to determine whether to
;; save position or not.

In recent versions of Emacs, the minor-mode save-place-mode is auto-loaded. Thus, all that is needed is the following one-liner in the .emacs / init.el file:

(save-place-mode 1)

For additional information, see the emacswiki page:



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