As I said in the title, I'm having a problem with starting Emacs, whenever I try to start it with rofi, nothing happens, and when I try and start with terminal (using emacs), it returns "Args out of range: 0, 100" without opening up Emacs. Whenever I use Emacs in terminal however (with emacs -nw), it starts just fine. This behavior continues even after I moved my .emacs.d directory to .emacs.d.bak and even after I uninstall and reinstall Emacs. Any ideas what is going on and how I can fix this?

Here is my configuration myinit.org init.el


OS: Arch Linux Emacs version: 26.1

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    Please add your operating system and emacs version. What happens if you start emacs -Q? – matteol Nov 25 '18 at 7:09
  • args-out-of-range is a standard error. You can start emacs with --debug-init to find out what caused the error. – xuchunyang Nov 25 '18 at 10:11
  • If I start it with "emacs -Q", it starts just fine, but starting with "emacs --debug-init" also returns Args out of range: 0, 100 – Lucas Liseth Nov 25 '18 at 14:31

I've figured it out! It turns out there was a problem in my ~/.Xresources file preventing it from loading.

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