Q: how can I prevent mu4e from removing emails from my header view when it auto-updates?

I have mu4e set to check mail and update its index at periodic intervals. When this occurs while I am browsing my unread email, mail that I have read (which thus has the unread flag removed) disappears from the header view. If I want to respond to it or archive it, I have to close out of the unread emails and jump to my inbox to do so. That's annoying.

How can I tell mu4e not to remove mail from my header view while it is updating? I presume there is a knob somewhere that I need to turn to change this behavior, but I can't figure out what it is.

  • Interestingly, I don't get this behaviour. even typing bu for Unread messages after reading a couple gives me the full list with the read ones marked as read. (same after refreshing with g) – manandearth Nov 28 '18 at 20:26

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