I'm using calc on OSX and on a spanish keyboard, and I see some problems in using ^, but this is the most annoying: when I type this example from de calc tutorial

 1:  2          2:  2          1:  8          2:  2          1:  6
     .          1:  3              .          1:  3              .
                    .                             .

    2 <RET>           3              ^              U              *

I always get:

Û is undefined on the minibuffer, what should I do, I can correct it with extra return pressing after ^, I need to press two time ^ in order to have it effect on calc

  • What keyboard layout have you set in your operating system and are you using any input methods in Emacs? – user12563 Nov 27 '18 at 19:59

Looks like you have composed characters (^U is composed to Û). That is usually already controlled by the OS.

Just hit the spacebar after typing ^ to get a caret as input character.

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