I use the different timestamping methods available in Org to organize my tasks and my agenda. In particular, I use simple timestamps for tasks which must be performed at specific times and dates. That is, the task should neither "start" at a certain time as a scheduled task, nor "up to" a certain time as a deadline. But it must be performed at that time, or not at all. A meeting for example.

This works fine, as far as the presentation of items in the agenda goes. But the faces for simple timestamp tasks is set to inherit a bland default face, which contrasts quite sharply with the spotlight granted to scheduled and deadline tasks.

So, I'd like to emulate the faces for scheduled tasks for simple timestamped tasks.

Org-faces.el defines the following faces for scheduled tasks:




Of course, only the first two make sense for a simple timestamp task, as it won't show in the agenda if "previously scheduled" anyway.

Besides, if scheduled tasks are in done states, they are dimmed with:


However, the face of simple timestamp tasks seem to be given by a single face setting:


I can set, of course, org-agenda-calendar-event to the same values as org-scheduled, which goes part of the way. But is there a way to set the face of simple timestamped tasks when they show up in today's date agenda to the same values as org-scheduled-today? And is there a way to dim, similarly to scheduled tasks, these simple timestamped tasks when they are done?

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