I would like to have my git timestamps in UTC. Currently attempting to commit using magit gives

Wrong type argument: sequencep, my/magit-timestamp-utc

Here's the code:

(defun timestamp-now()
  (format-time-string "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S%z" (current-time)))

(defun timestamp-utc ()
  (let* ((original-tz (getenv "TZ")))
    (setenv "TZ" "UTC0")
    (let ((timestamp (timestamp-now)))
      (setenv "TZ" original-tz)

(defun my/magit-timestamp-utc (&optional prompt default)
  (concat "--date=" (timestamp-utc)))

(setq magit-commit-popup
  '(:variable magit-commit-arguments
    :man-page "git-commit"
    :switches ((?a "Stage all modified and deleted files"   "--all")
               (?e "Allow empty commit"                     "--allow-empty")
               (?v "Show diff of changes to be committed"   "--verbose")
               (?h "Disable hooks"                          "--no-verify")
               (?s "Add Signed-off-by line"                 "--signoff")
               (?R "Claim authorship and reset author date" "--reset-author")
               (?u "UTC" my/magit-timestamp-utc))
    :options  ((?A "Override the author"  "--author=")
               (?S "Sign using gpg"       "--gpg-sign=" magit-read-gpg-secret-key)
               (?C "Reuse commit message" "--reuse-message="
    :actions  ((?c "Commit"         magit-commit)
               (?e "Extend"         magit-commit-extend)
               (?f "Fixup"          magit-commit-fixup)
               (?F "Instant Fixup"  magit-commit-instant-fixup) nil
               (?w "Reword"         magit-commit-reword)
               (?s "Squash"         magit-commit-squash)
               (?S "Instant Squash" magit-commit-instant-squash) nil
               (?a "Amend"          magit-commit-amend)
               (?A "Augment"        magit-commit-augment))
    :max-action-columns 4
    :default-action magit-commit))

You can of course just redefine the complete popup but a better way would be to just add a new switch using magit-define-popup-switch as documented in the manual.

Regardless of how you define it, a switch's third part has to be a constant string, the name of the switch (when using magit-define-popup-switch then that is the argument named switch). In some rare cases a switch has the form --arg=val like you are trying to do here, but it still has to be a constant string, not (the name of) a function that returns such a string.

The optional forth part of an option can be a function. However that function is only called when you invoke the option and is supposed to then read a value in the minibuffer. Automatically generating a value for an option every time the popup is invoked is not supported.

To achieve what you want you have to advice magit-commit-create and likely a few other magit-commit-* commands.

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