I'm starting to write blogs with org-mode and org-static-blog, but now I'm stuck with a problem respecting exporting graphviz dot file to image file.

So I have a code block like this with (setq org-static-blog-publish-directory "/path/to/blog-site-root/") :

#+BEGIN_SRC dot :file /path/to/blog-site-root/images/2018-12-10-vtable.png :exports results
digraph vtable_example {
    // ...

I want to generate the png while including the image with a relative path ./images/2018-12-10-vtable.png, M-x org-static-blog-publish generates it but gives me html including the absolute local path, which will be 404 at my blog site.

If I set the header arguments of :exports to none, then even the image file will not be generated.

So how can I let org export/babel generate the file and then include it with another path?

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One appropriate place to do such transformations is the collection of export filters.

You could add org-export-filter-link-functions as a file local or directory local variable to set the url export filter for html export. The following file variable setting replaces the string /path/to/blog-site-root in img urls with .:

# Local Variables:
# org-export-filter-link-functions: ((lambda (data backend info) (when (string-match "<img src=\"file://\\(/path/to/blog-site-root\\)" data) (replace-match "." nil nil data 1)))))
# End:

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