There is a command I run very often using compile that must be run as sudo. I wanted to achieve something similar to the 5min caching of sudo in a shell: if I keep running the command in intervals shorter than 5min it does not prompts me for the password again.

Is there an easy way to achieve that?


I suppose you are using Tramp's sudo method to run the command with root permissions from Emacs. With a very recent snapshot of Tramp 2.4.1-pre (or 27.0.50), there is a new configuration parameter to the sudo method, called tramp-session-timeout. It defaults to 300 seconds, and shall behave as you like.

  • I was literally runing C-u M-x compile RET sudo myscript.sh. I just took a quick look at tramp (I have never used it). Do you mean doing something like this? (let ((default-directory "/sudo::/path/to/script")) (compile "myscript.sh"))
    – Vitorqb
    Dec 14 '18 at 10:57
  • Yes, something like this. Dec 14 '18 at 11:33

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