I work with attachments (C-c C-a) in Emacs Org Mode.

I configured the variable org-file-apps to open pdf with the default PDF Viewer of my OS (in my case evince in Ubuntu 18.04), when I use the key binding C-c C-a o (instead of C-c C-a **O** to force emacs to open it in emacs).

I want the same for directories, but I don't know how to configure the variable org-file-apps to start nautilus with the desired directory.

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According to the documentation string of org-file-apps (partially quoted in the following text) and the uri-description for the nautilus command line the Elisp code at the bottom should work.

Relevant part of the documentation string of org-file-apps:

Org mode uses system defaults for different file types, but you can use this variable to set the application for a given file extension. The entries in this list are cons cells where the car identifies files and the cdr the corresponding command.

Possible values for the file identifier are:
`directory' Matches a directory

(setq org-file-apps (cons '(directory . "nautilus file://%s") org-file-apps))

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