When I try to store a link to a pdf file (opened with PDFView), I get the following error

Unable to percent escape character: \342

The link is stored with the following url:

Stored: file:/tmp/mozilla_chriad0/file.pdf::%PDF-1.6 %\324\343\317\323

When looking for a solution, I found the url-util package. I came up with the following:

(setq x "file:/tmp/mozilla_chriad0/file.pdf::%PDF-1.6 %\324\343\317\323")

(require 'url-util)

(setq y (url-encode-url x))

When I create a link with the content of y, which is [[file:/tmp/mozilla_chriad0/file.pdf::%PDF-1.6%20%%D4%E3%CF%D3]], the link works as intended.

My question: How can I hook into this process and convert the link to the right encoding so that the above error does not occur?


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I assume that pdf-tools is installed and working. What you are asking for also requires the package org-pdfview which is available from melpa. In this package functions likeorg-pdfview-store-link are declared.

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