In eshell when I do

$ echo "$(pwd)credentials.json"
Directory /Users/gmauer/../credentials.json

I get that Directory prefix. I'm assuming that it is because eshell reimplements pwd to return some sort of object, and Directory .... is how that is being coerced into a string.

So how do I interpolate this correctly so that I can use export it to an environment variable?

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Simply use the environment variable PWD, e.g.,

~/.emacs.d $ export CREDIT="$PWD/credentials.json"
~/.emacs.d $ echo $CREDIT

When you type pwd in Eshell

~/.emacs.d $ pwd

Eshell tries to execute one of the following (the order matters)

  1. The lisp function eshell/pwd
  2. The executable file pwd in your PATH
  3. The lisp function pwd

When you use (pwd) in your Eshell

$ echo "$(pwd)credentials.json"
Directory /Users/gmauer/../credentials.json

the lisp function pwd will be used, and the function pwd is for showing current working directory in the Echo Area. You should use eshell/pwd instead

~/.emacs.d $ echo "$(eshell/pwd)/credentials.json"

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