I want to create a minor mode to resize windows in emacs, like the resize mode of i3. I try many things, but evil shortcuts always override my minor mode...

My minor mode:

(defvar my-window-resize-mode-map
  (let ((m (make-sparse-keymap)))
    (evil-define-key 'normal m (kbd "h") 'shrink-window-horizontally)
    (evil-define-key 'normal m (kbd "k") 'enlarge-window)
    (evil-define-key 'normal m (kbd "j") 'shrink-window)
    (evil-define-key 'normal m (kbd "l") 'enlarge-window-horizontally)
    (evil-define-key 'normal m (kbd "M-r") 'window-resize-mode)

(define-minor-mode my-window-resize-mode
  :initial-value nil
  :lighter " Window-resize-mode"
  :keymap my-window-resize-mode-map)

(add-to-list 'emulation-mode-map-alists
         `((my-window-resize-mode . ,my-window-resize-mode-map)))

(provide 'my-window-resize-mode)

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