Is there any packages or extension that will save a file history when you save the file?

Example when I save the file it will create a file history of the file and on the later time when I save it again, it will create another history of it.

It look like something a snapshot of file save or a backup.


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By default, Emacs keeps just one older "backup" of every file you edit. If you edit a file called foo, then the backup file is called foo~. Whenever you save a new version of the file foo, the previous version is saved as foo~, and the previous backup file is discarded.

You may request that Emacs save multiple backup files, thus yielding a version history of your file. If you set the variable version-control to t, then Emacs will save multiple older versions, up to a maximum controlled by the variables kept-old-versions and kept-new-versions.

(If you're at all serious about keeping history, though, I recommend that you learn to use a dedicated version control tool such as git.)

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