I am able to browse the Emacs StackExchange site using Emacs with M-x w3m b URL RET

I wanted to try out posting questions and answers to the site using Emacs. The main hurdle I am facing is to sign in using my Google account. In a regular browser the Sign in With Google is a button. In w3m however, I see only Google text on which I can't hit RET.

I can try out posting Q&A only after crossing this hurdle... Any tips?

NOTE: If there are better alternatives that can solve my issue then those are welcome too.

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You can install sx from melpa with M-x package-install RET sx RET

it is on: https://github.com/vermiculus/sx.el

quoting the site:

SX is a full-featured Stack Exchange mode for GNU Emacs 24+. Using the official API, it provides a versatile experience for the Stack Exchange network within Emacs itself.

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