I see a video on youtube which display pomodoro clock in mode line

enter image description here

I installed lolownia/org-pomodoro: pomodoro technique for org-mode but it's clock does not show on the mode line

Alternatively, tried the answer How to show org-clock (and org-pomodoro) timer in mode-line? - Emacs Stack Exchange

Unfortunatley, it's wrong to report error when start emacs.

I found the the rainbow is nyan-mode: Nyan Cat for Emacs! which just display the scroll of the buffer.

How could I show a basic orgclock in mode line?


The title of the question differs from the last sentence in the body of the question that states: "How could I show a basic orgclock in mode line?". This answer addresses that last component of the question body.

org-mode uses the global-mode-string which is incorporated into the default mode-line used by Emacs. To the extent a user has a custom mode-line-format that differs from the default, the global-mode-string may or may not be included as part of that user customization. To see the org-clock in the mode-line as part of a custom setup, a user may wish to ensure that the global-mode-string is incorporated. Alternatively, the user may wish to use org-timer-mode-line-string and set-up a mechanism to add/remove it when turning the clock on/off.

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