I would like to add a line to separate the current block of tasks from the next date, so the last task of the date is not just above the next date.

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I know I can use :box with set-face-attribute 'org-agenda-date for , but is a solution that it has some inconveniences. So I would like to add a line if possible or a separation between those blocks.

  • If the org-agenda.el library has been loaded, then type M-x find-function RET org-agenda-format-date-aligned RET. If the library has not loaded, type: M-x eval-expression RET (require 'org-agenda) RET. See the last line of the function where it states (format "%-10s %2d %s %4d%s" dayname day monthname year weekstring)? You might want to try adding \n to the beginning so that it looks like (format "\n%-10s %2d %s %4d%s" dayname day monthname year weekstring). You can copy the function to a *scratch* buffer, modify it and M-x eval-buffer to see if it works like you want. – lawlist Jan 3 at 1:02
  • Alternatively, you can grep the org-agenda source code for usages of org-agenda-format-date-aligned and (insert "\n") at the appropriate location(s) of the function(s) responsible for inserting that date line. Note that these types of modifications have not been tested and may break other aspects of org-agenda, e.g., things like bulk marking/editing, etc .... You will need to do your own testing to see if anything breaks, and if so, what else needs fixing. – lawlist Jan 3 at 1:04
  • Hi thanks for your response, even though I used another position (org-agenda-finalize-entries) it was very helpful your comment. – alglez Jan 4 at 0:46

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