I'm trying to set a different tramp history file override based on connection-specific rules. My attempts have been along the line of:

(add-to-list 'tramp-connection-properties
             (list (regexp-quote "/ssh:myremotehost:")

But it's not working.

I think it might be because tramp-histfile-override isn't a pre-defined method-specific parameter to any methods in my tramp-methods (eg ssh). Therefore tramp-connection-properties can't be used to override this variable in this case?

Is there a way of customizing tramp-histfile-override on a per-connection basis?

Emacs version: 26.1
Tramp version:
OS version: OS X 10.11.6

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tramp-histfile-override is an ordinary user option. It is not prepared for tramp-connection-properties or connection-local variables.

If you want to get this changed, you might write a bug report.

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