In normal mode in Vim, one can use y% to copy text between matching parenthesis. y starts the yanking command and % selects the matching closed or open parenthesis.

What is the Emacs equivalent of this operation?


You would mark the next sexp with C-M-SPC and copy the marked region to the kill-ring with M-w.

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M-x mark-defun (usually C-M-h, but in c-mode it's mapped to c-mark-function)

Jump between start and end of any region with C-x C-x to adjust boundaries of the selection.
Autocompleters like HELM show all functions that start with typed letters and their key bindings(if any).


C-M-u C-M-space

C-M-u backward-up-list, moves point to an opening paren or inner block.
C-M-space mark-sexp


C-M-a beginning-of-defun
C-M-e end-of-defun


C-space starts region selection. Move with any known key bindings. C-x C-x for adjustments.

  • Thank you for the comprehensive answer. I am just learning emacs. Only been a few days and your answer really helps with navigating and selecting stuff in lisp files. – Gordon Zar Jan 6 '19 at 16:16

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