When setting up org-gcal within spacemacs I am getting an error. I have setup my google api and have put my client id and secret key into spacemacs but when attempting to sync the calender I merely get the following question printed in the minibuffer.

enter image description here

While my browser opens a google error page with a 401 error as well as the error message

Error: invalid_client

I'm unsure if this is an issue with my spacemacs configuration of if I have just setup the google api incorrectly. But I have created my secret key and client id so I assume the api must be active.

  • It's been a while since I tried to integrate something based on Google API into my code, but from the sound of it, it expects to find an app registration page, which has to display a special token for the app you just registered (that would be Emacs / Org), if that doesn't happen, probably, Google changed the way to obtain that token / don't support it anymore. Truth be told, Google authentication is a huge mess and it changes on the daily basis, so, no wonder, I guess... – wvxvw Jan 6 at 6:47

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