Is it possible to run something like helm-recentf or helm-mini in a way that the helm window occupies the entire frame when it's running, and then disappears afterwards (like the helm windows normally do)?


The short answer is that you use use this:

    (setq helm-full-frame t)

The slightly longer answer is that I wanted to use helm-mini as a 'dashboard' sort of thing when I started up emacs. To do that I used this function:

    (defun helm-dashboard()
      (if (< (length command-line-args) 2)
        (let (
          (helm-full-frame-orig helm-full-frame)
          (helm-mini-default-sources-orig helm-mini-default-sources)

          (setq helm-full-frame t)
          (setq helm-mini-default-sources
          `(helm-source-bookmarks helm-source-recentf))
          (set-frame-parameter nil 'fullscreen 'maximized)
          (setq helm-full-frame helm-full-frame-orig)
          (setq helm-mini-default-sources helm-mini-default-sources-orig))))

Then, in my init.el I added this as part of my helm config:

    (add-hook 'window-setup-hook
        (lambda () (helm-dashboard)))

(I want this to run last, after the emacs-startup-hook)

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