I am using Emacs 26.1 on Windows. I am reading manpages using (man). When I invoke (man) ivy jumps in and offeres me the selection of available manpages. This selection is for some reason empty (no manpages are offered). If I enter the name of a manpage that I know it exists the manpage is shown.

If I invoke (woman) on the other hand ivy shows me a nice list of available manpages.

As I really only use (man) to read manpages I wonder if there is way to have ivy offer me completion when chosing a manpage?

I went through the customization group for "man" to see if there is any hint. I also did invoke a search engine in an un-motivated way.

EDIT: Doing: "emacs -Q", invoke man, hit tab does not offer any available manpages while on ther other hand doing "emacs -Q", invoke woman, hit tab does offer lots of manpages.

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    If you eliminate ivy from the equation, does man give you completion options? (i.e. Is the problem with M-x man or with ivy ?) – phils Jan 8 at 19:52
  • see EDIT above, please. – Matthias Jan 9 at 7:30

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