In my spare time, I've been adding very limited support for org-mode syntax in the Atom text editor for my friends that absolutely will not switch to Emacs.

Over the last few years I've found approximately 10 org syntax parsers which all focus on converting org-mode files into markdown or other file formats.

The 2 most popular parsers that I use everyday and recommend are:


Outside of Emacs what other software supports org-mode syntax?

Note: I acknowledge that StackExchange platform is not really ideal for this type of question but I believe the Emacs StackExchange community would benefit from multiple well researched answers about this topic.

How to Answer this Question

Each answer should:

  • Limit answer scope to a single software source, e.g. discuss pandoc or org-ruby but not both in the same answer.
  • Briefly describe what software can do with org-mode file, e.g. pandoc can convert org-mode to docx, markdown and json file formats.
  • Provide a simple example of using the software, e.g. pandoc --from org --to docx -o example.docx example.org.
  • List dependencies, e.g. ruby is required to use org-ruby.
  • Link to official software page.

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Atom org-mode Package

  • The Atom org-mode package provides syntax highlighting for org files in the Atom editor.
  • Most of the package files are managed from a central literate programming file and tangled or exported directly from Emacs.
  • After the syntax highlighting grammar is completed, a JavaScript org syntax parser will be added to facilitate more comprehensive functionality.
  • Use the Atom editor built in package management tool to install the package including the dependencies.
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