When starting an R process using ESS (M-x R) you are interactively asked for a working directory.

To replicate this behaviour for python I have been opening up some random file in the directory I want to start python and then calling run-python, which is not as convenient. My question is - is there a way to replicate the R behaviour? That is, call my-run-python (or whatever) which prompts for a directory and then starts python there?

  • Why not copypaste the already existing solution? To do that, use apropos command, or similar, to find the help file for the `M-x R' command, which should point to the source code file. Check that file, it should contain all the code which needs only a little changing for you to run a python session the same way. – user3496846 Jan 12 at 10:19
  • Thanks for the comment @user3496846. I've had a look at the source on github but unfortunately it is a bit beyond me right now. – Jeff Jan 12 at 14:47

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