In my cobbled-together init.el, my frame-title-format variable has these %-sequences in it: %%j and %%S

Does anyone recognize these specific sequences? They come up blank in my frame title. Here's the full variable def:

(setq frame-title-format
  (list (format "%s %%S: %%j " (system-name))
        '(buffer-file-name "%f" (dired-directory dired-directory "%b"))))

This evaluates to

("mySystemName %S: %j "
 (buffer-file-name "%f"
                    (dired-directory dired-directory "%b")))

and displays in my frame as, for example when visiting a help topic, as

mySystemName : *Help*
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    A single quote inhibits evaluation of what is inside the list that is quoted. See the section of the manual regarding the usage of a single quote versus a backtick and comma combination: gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/elisp/Backquote.html You may also wish to use the function list instead of a single quote ... – lawlist Jan 10 at 19:03
  • @Drew: no, his quoted list seems perfectly valid: it's not an Elisp expression to be evaluated but a mode-line-format expression where (SYM A B) uses A is SYM is non-nil and B otherwise. – Stefan Jan 10 at 21:51

First, the string is transformed by format. Looking at its Help, we discover that the instances of %% will be changed to a single %, so that we are left with %S and %j.

Now we look at the Help for frame-title-format:

This variable has the same structure as ‘mode-line-format’

So, clicking over to mode-line-format, we find the full list of %-constructs. I don't see %S or %j in this list, which must be why they appear blank.

  • Ok. I thought that might be the case, but since I saw this elisp used in several different init.el files. I wondered if I was missing some more advanced explanation. I've been digging through the Emacs source -- back to 2003, which is the earliest reference I could find that used this elisp -- to see if perhaps there was an %-construct that was removed. I haven't found either one mentioned in buffer.c. – mikekmcguire Jan 10 at 22:53
  • It's possible that these constructs are valid but not documented. I'm not able to dive into the C source to check this, as I didn't build my Emacs myself. Then again, if the constructs were valid, something would likely be showing up in the frame title... – M-Cat Jan 10 at 22:58
  • It looks like you used to use XEmacs, which allowed '%S' for the name of the frame. That didn't support '%j' though, as far as I can tell. – rpluim Jan 11 at 13:02

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