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I'm using emacs from a terminal, and have noticed that certain commands make the terminal screen flicker when I use them.

Notable commands are evil mode's recenter-top-bottom and xref-find-definitions

This must surely be possible, as xref-pop-marker-stack, a command that has a very similar function as xref-find-definitions, does not have this issue. The whole terminal is not updated and doesn't give a flicker.

Is there any way of stopping this from happening? The flicker is quite annoying. This only appears to happen when emacs is run inside of a terminal.

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Not sure 'bout xref-find-definitionm but for recenter-top-bottom, I think you simply need

(setq recenter-redisplay nil)
  • This fixed worked for both commands! Thank you.
    – Vent
    Commented Jan 13, 2019 at 1:09

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