I'm trying to run OmniSharp Server for the Emacs' omnisharp-mode on my Windows 7. The OmniSharp versions around 1.30 require .NET-4.6 or higher. On my Windows there are only .NET 3.0 and 3.5 which are installed by default and I prefer not to install any other .NET version, instead I'd like to use Mono so I've installed the Mono's latest version which covers .NET versions up to 4.7.2 therefore it can run the latest version of OmniSharp, provided that I type mono OmniSharp.exe on the commandline; if I run it directly it raises a System.AppContext exception.

On the other hand Emacs expects OmniSharp as a single standalone executable like so: (setq omnisharp-server-executable-path "C:/Programs/omnisharp-1.32.8/OmniSharp.exe") I've written a bat file to combine the mono OmniSharp.exe commands into a single omnisharp.bat file but then it gave an error of the kind "respawn, throttling" kind (I can't remember it now exactly) and Emacs failed to run it.

Is there a way to run OmniSharp for Emacs omnisharp-mode under these conditions?

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