I have a GUI emacs running as the major working area,

When I reading articles from web, need to open a emacs as a tool to keep note;

Web on the left and new emacs on the right,

Usually, get the prompts

Please answer y or n.  Warning: desktop file appears to be in use by PID 17861.                                               
Using it may cause conflicts.  Use it anyway? (y or n)   

I assure the conflicts are the buffer.

Should I ignore it to continue or actions could be taken to tackle the prompt?

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    Are you using desktop-save-mode? – user12563 Jan 15 '19 at 6:54
  • Two questions: 1) What happens if you answer n to the prompt? 2) Would opening a new frame instead with key chords C-x 5 2 help? BTW the C in C-x is Cntrl key so C-x means press Control and x keys and same time. – Melioratus Jan 15 '19 at 14:58

You can't usefully have two simultaneous Emacs session that use the same file to store the session state. Each time a session saves its state, it would overwrite the other session's state.

Many people run a single Emacs session. To open a file in the existing Emacs session, use emacsclient (see also the Emacs wiki). Emacsclient has several options to control its behavior, including whether to open a new window (-c) or run inside the current terminal (-t) or let you switch to the existing window (default). Emacsclient can start Emacs if needed (emacsclien --alternate-editor=).

I normally start Emacs when I log in, and I use Desktop to save my session. In order to be able to occasionally run a separate instance of Emacs, I arrange to only use Desktop if Emacs is invoked in a special way, and I invoke Emacs in this special way in my operating system's session startup. Specifically, I run this when I log in:

EMACS_SESSION_DIR=~/.emacs.d/session emacs --daemon

This runs emacs --daemon (so it doesn't open any Emacs window) and loads my normal session which is stored in the directory ~/.emacs.d/session. Here's the code from my Emacs init file to only use Desktop if EMACS_SESSION_DIR is set.

(let ((env (getenv "EMACS_SESSION_DIR")))
  (unless (or (null env) (equal env ""))
    (setq desktop-dirname (expand-file-name env)
          desktop-path (list desktop-dirname))))

;; `desktop' will look for `desktop-basefilename' in the current directory,
;; then in the home directory. But I don't ordinarily want that.
(defadvice desktop-read
  (around dont-search-state-file-in-current-directory activate)
  "Don't let Desktop look for the state file in the current directory."
  (let ((default-directory desktop-dirname))

;; Enable desktop if a session directory has been defined.
(setq desktop-enable (and desktop-dirname t))

(Some of this code was writen a long time ago and may no longer be necessary in modern Emacs versions.)

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