I'm trying to output images using plantuml-mode. It seems I have plantuml-mode installed successfully, as I can activate the major mode, but I am unable to evaluate using C-c C-c:

PlantUML requires a ":file" header argument

Here is the code I am trying to evaluate:

#+BEGIN_SRC plantuml
(*) --> "First Activity"
-->[You can put also labels] "Second Activity"
--> (*)

And here is what I have in my .emacs file:

(require 'plantuml-mode)
(require 'ob-plantuml)
   'org-src-lang-modes '("plantuml" . plantuml))

I have tried using plantuml-mode on a mac before and I never had to manually set a header argument. Can anyone help me figure this out?

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#+BEGIN_SRC plantuml :file my_file.jpg

gives you a jpg file

#+BEGIN_SRC plantuml :file my_file.png

gives you a png file

#+BEGIN_SRC plantuml :file my_file.txt

gives you a txt file

#+BEGIN_SRC plantuml :file my_file.svg

gives you a svg file

The images are produced by imagemagick


I had the same issue. After looking at the source code I figured out it is expecting a file name as a parameter. This code should work:

#+BEGIN_SRC plantuml :file plantuml.svg
(*) --> "First Activity"
-->[You can put also labels] "Second Activity"
--> (*)

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