I want to have something like:

* The column view
:Other_file_content: file:<path-to-file/file.org>::*Heading

and then display in the column view in the current buffer the text that is under the heading "* Heading" in the file 'path-to-file/file.org'.

Is that possible?

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Actually I don't have a direct solution. I am using a keyboard macro to copy the heading content from another org file.

In a similar link

[[file:file.org::*Heading][copy external content]]

I saved a keyboard macro,

F3 ;; to start defining the keyboard macro
C-c C-o ;; to open the file and point to Heading
C-c C-x M-w ;; to copy the subtree 
C-x 0 ;; to close the buffer and switch to the previous one
C-e ;; end of line
RET ;;
C-y ;; yank
F4 ;; end the macro definition
C-x C-k n ;; define a name for kb macro (session only) 

In your .emacs configuration you can save the macro:

M-x insert-kbd-macro

Hope that can help!

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