I want to apply (org-id-get-create) to every top-level heading in the buffer. How can I loop through all top-level org-mode headings in the current buffer?


You can use org-map-entries to apply a function to all the entries in a org-mode buffer matching a search. In this case the search "LEVEL=1" will match all top level headlines. The function you specify will be called without arguments with the point on the headline. So (org-map-entries 'org-id-get-create "LEVEL=1") will apply the org-id-get-create function to every LEVEL 1 headline.

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I couldn't find an built-in org function for that, the following function should solve it.

(defun adl/org-top-level-heading-cycle ()
  (if (not (search-forward-regexp "^* " nil t))
    (goto-char 1)
    (search-forward-regexp "^* " nil t))))
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