I started using mu4e for email and would like to see the details of email addresses of both sender and original recipient. My default view is

From: Some sender

and I would like to see their address, which I can do by replying to the email, when I see:

To: Some sender <[email protected]>

I would also like to see the email address of the original recipient in case of forwarding of multiple addresses, e.g. to know which address to fill in a form to unsubscribe.

I believe both of these are HTML headers, but the "headers" keyword means the email list view in mu4e.

How can I see these addresses?

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Set the following variable in your Emacs init file (or try it in the *scratch* buffer)

(setq mu4e-view-show-addresses 't)

In a pinch, you can also look at the raw message when in view mode with a period (.).

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