My current workflow for most things in life is to create a TODO item in org-mode, build the solution up in the org-mode entry before pasting it elsewhere.

This has worked fine for me for quite a few years. However I am currently creating MediaWiki entries for a third party system using this approach.

However MediaWiki uses asterisks as bullet points so I have something like the following in my org-mode entry:

* bullet item 1

* bullet item 2

Obviously org-mode attempts to interpret these as headings and refuses to accept they are sub-entry of my

* MediaWiki entries

top level-heading. I've tried surrounding the whole entry with #+BEGIN_EXAMPLE/#+END_EXAMPLE and #+BEGIN_SRC/#+END_SRC. While this may impact any export it clearly doesn't force org-mode to consider my bullet lists any differently.

Is there anyway to tell org-mode to not process a particular section as org-mode source?

Thanks! Any help appreciated

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Inside a source block, you can escape asterisks by prefixing them with a comma.

If you have a mediawiki mode installed, and use #begin_src mediawiki, then you can freely edit your blocks in another buffer with C-c ', and the commas will be inserted for you when you finish editing.`

Related answer here.

  • Thanks for this - works like a charm :happy face: Don't know why I failed to turn up the related answer having searched for variations of 'org mode escape header char in verbatim text'
    – Matt Innes
    Jan 25, 2019 at 16:33

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