I have text consisting of several similar blocks as follows:

aaaa #last line visible (A)
bbbb #last line visible (B)

The screen is 5 lines high. The cursor is at the very first a.
I define a macro as such: f3 → ↓ ← ↓ f4 (go 2 lines down with detour)
Then I press f4 repeatedly to execute the macro. In scenario B everything is fine: the cursor stays always in col 1.
But in scenario A the cursor moves one char to the right with every overstepping of the lower end of the view.
I can work around this by starting my macro with C-l C-l and choosing a large enough window size. But what is causing this behavior? Is this expected behavior?

Stuff I tried:
f3 ↓ ↓ f4 works
f3 → → ↓ ← ← ↓ f4 right drift by 2
f3 → → ↓ ← ↓ f4 right drift by 1
f3 → ↓ ← ← ↓ f4 right drift by 2
f3 → → → ↓ ← ← ← ↓ f4 right drift by 3
(right drift means difference to expected column, e.g. macro 4 should go 1 col to the left, goes 1 col to the right -> right drift of 2)

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