I'm running Windows 7, cygwin emacs-w32 26.1, and mintty 2.9.6.

When I select text in mintty (using the mouse), and paste (using C-v) into Notepad (for example), it works the way I would expect it to.

When I paste with the mouse (button 2) into emacs-w32, it sometimes pastes what I expect, and sometimes pastes whatever I had recently cut within emacs.

Forcing me to cut from mintty -> paste into Notepad -> cut from Notepad (C-c) -> and paste into emacs (mouse-2).

Is there some interaction between the kill-ring and the Windows cut buffer that isn't lining up the way I expect it to (I'm guessing)?

The behavior I want is what I had under X11, emacs, and xterm: double click (button-1) on a string in xterm, button-2 paste in emacs. This can't be that hard, can it?

Does anyone know why "it" does this? Does anyone know how to "fix" it? The weird part is the intermittent nature of it. Hints and guesses are welcome.

To sum up: I'm hoping to double click (button-1) in mintty (which cuts reliably into the Windows cut buffer (if that's what it's called)), and paste into emacs with single click of button-2. This works sometimes, and I don't know lisp well enough to understand mouse-yank-primary (mouse.el).



EDIT: I think what I'm asking for is for mouse button-2 to somehow paste the Windows clipboard text... maybe.

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