I am using abbrev for long time. But the counter didn't work, So I try to fix it today, but I am stuck. Previously this is my config file:

(use-package abbrev
  :ensure nil
  :defer 3
  :delight " ☈"
  (setq abbrev-file-name
        (expand-file-name "abbrev.el" my-savefile-dir))
  (setq save-abbrevs 'silently)
  (setq-default abbrev-mode t))

But the counter didn't work, e.g ("foo" "foobazbar" nil 0) it always 0 even if I always execute foo multiple times, closing Emacs also didn't help abbrev to change the value.

Using write-abbrev-file works, but how to make Emacs update the value automatically ?

I have remove all my config (to use all default value) also didn't work. I saw his abbrev counter in this presentation worked. Anyone using abbrev and the counter always updated just fine ?

Thank you

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