I have been looking at various email setups using different tools within Emacs for the last few months. I looked at various email setups using Gnus, mew, mu4e, wanderlust etc.

While reading one of the setups on some blog, I was trying to setup offlineimap/mbsync. And it requires the name of folders to fetch. On one such blog there was a Perl script to fetch all these folder names automatically. and output them to a file. These folder names can then be used with other configuration scripts to specify which particular folders to fetch.

Now I have finally got a setup which I am staying with and it is working for me. It uses mbsync + mu4e . I have a lot of folders in my mail box as I used to use filters. I was only able to use INBOX and Sent Mails in that configuration, as other folders are a lot. And now I am again looking to find that Perl script.

Does any of you have came across such setup which uses some Perl magic to fetch folders for the configuration?


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You can use Net::IMAP::Simple perl module/package.
Below please find "version zero" based on the man page.

use strict;
use warnings;
use Net::IMAP::Simple;

# Create the object
my $imap = Net::IMAP::Simple->new('imap.example.com', use_ssl => 1) ||
    die "Unable to connect to IMAP: $Net::IMAP::Simple::errstr\n";

# Log on
    print STDERR "Login failed: " . $imap->errstr . "\n";

# List folders
my @folders   = $imap->mailboxes_subscribed;
foreach my $folder (@folders) {
   print $folder,"\n";
  • Thanks a lot, this works.
    – rajudev
    Commented Feb 7, 2019 at 12:10

Perl? Seriously?

#!/usr/bin/emacs --script

(require 'imap)

(defun imap-get-subscribed-folders (server port user pass)
  (let ((buffer (imap-open server port)))
         (with-current-buffer buffer
           (imap-authenticate user pass)
      (imap-close buffer))))

(mapc #'(lambda (f) (princ f) (terpri))
      (imap-get-subscribed-folders "imap.example.com" nil "user" "password"))

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