After closing emacs I would like to restore the same session I left, which includes opened windows, font sizes within the windows and open buffers.

I'm aware there's a lot out there, but most things I tried haven't really worked out as I hoped. So the desktop-save-mode seems (if I got it right) just to save the open buffers, but not (or not in my case) the way everything is arranged. In my .emacs I have (proudly stolen):

(desktop-save-mode 1)
(setq desktop-restore-eager 10)
(setq desktop-save t)

Especially with my neotree-setting (which I keep opened) and the changed font-size desktop-save doesn't seem to work.

As I'm really new to emacs I might not have fully understood how in this case buffers, windows or frames work. Using Emacs 26

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