I find the question but no answer at Emacs ESS R - Message Content Encoding and Display Issue.

In buffer *R*, the R process uses UTF-8 encoding for its output. However emacs does not decode that output, but displays it as-is. E.g., I see this:

> install.packages("devtools")
Installing package into â\200\230/home/brech/R/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-library/3.0â\200\231
(as â\200\230libâ\200\231 is unspecified)

Obviously the cryptic looking â\200\230 and â\200\231, which represent the code points "left single quotation mark" and "right single quotation mark" should look like single quotes. I'd be happy with '.

BTW, \200 \231 and \230 are rendered as , ˜, and in Chrome.

So is there a way to either have R not UTF-8-encode, or to have emacs decode and render it legibly?

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