When using undo-tree-undo in Spacemacs v 300 in ensime-mode, I will run into "No further undo information" after a small number of steps --- just around five or so.

I have the following variables set:

undo-no-redo nil

undo-limit 80000

undo-in-region nil

undo-tree-mode t

undo-outer-limit 12000000

undo-extra-outer-limit nil

I am unable to find any Ensime specific variables controlling undo behavior.

How can I maintain a larger undo tree when using Ensime?

  • The function undo-tree-discard-history contains a doc-string that states: "*Discard undo history until we're within memory usage limits set by undo-limit, undo-strong-limit and undo-outer-limit.". Due to a long-standing bug, the author of undo-tree stated in one of the emails on the bug reports that undo-tree-enable-undo-in-region should be set to nil. Other than those pointers, I cannot think of another reason why your undo history is being discarded or is otherwise inaccessible (e.g., undo-tree-enable-undo-in-region is non-nil and your region is active ...). – lawlist Feb 20 at 20:51

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