I have a calendar.org file with roughly this structure:

* 2019 ** January *** 1 *** 2 *** 3 **** Event 1 Description of event 1 **** Event 2 Description of event 2 *** 4 *** 5 *** 6 ...

What I do

Now if I wanted to add an event for the day November 22 2019, I would probably run C-s (isearch-forward) and type the first letters of the month I'm looking for e.g. "Nove" would probably be enough - this would find the heading *** November. From there, I would exit isearch and manually navigate to the subheading for the day I'm looking for. In my opinion this is excessive and inconvenient - is there a faster way?

Possible solutions

For example, I could imagine a command that would let me quickly navigate to more and more nested subheadings from the minibuffer, the search would work dynamically similar to ido-switch-buffer which I use, I don't know if this kind of search has a name.

Another idea is if I only wanted to add new data to an (existing?) heading have is maybe this can be achieved with org-capture somehow. I know this can be done with a hardcoded heading but I'm not sure if it can be dynamically selected.

I don't know what is out there so I would appreciate any ideas about how to most efficiently add new data to a heading as in the example.

  • Maybe you can capture to a date-tree. It's very similar to your proposed structure. – Juancho Feb 21 '19 at 20:37

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